This will be the way entering the restaurant. All of the people are attracted to the scenery that they can take selfie. people nowadays, whenever they see a backround that looks good in taking picture they grab the opportunity to take selfie.g1

The spiral way that full of plants. It is so refreshing to walk in this way because of the green plants that are so calm in the eyes.


After the spiral now at the end is the way that full of flowers.




I give attention to the parking lot because we all know that customers are quickly get bore if they consume time parking the cars.








These are the design of the dining outside. As you can see, there are different concept. For families,friends, and your love ones.



This will be the waiting area in front. I put sofa so that they will feel comfortable whenever they are waiting for someone. It looks like a living room because the theme of my restaurant is home. That you always feel at home whenever you are going here.

Restome Backyard

This will be the design on the backyard of my restaurant. I want it to look elegant and so refreshing to the eyes. The lights will make you calm and feel relax. And as you can see, there will a garden for those customers who want fresh air. Also, it’s just looks like a home, because I want my customers to feel that they are on their home whenever they will eat on my restaurant. That’s one of the reason why I name my restaurant “Restome” combination of restaurant and home.exteriror1